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The Power Monopolies do NOT want you to see

What is the power of monopoly?

There is a new method that allows anyone to use solar panels at home now!
This is really disrupting the solar industry.
You can see it below:
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This little known method completely eliminates the need to buy overpriced (retail) solar panel systems and hire expensive installation companies…
And this allows you to use solar panels on your home …or if you want to create a simple off-grid system.
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Most people assume solar has to be expensive, involve a lot of labor, or be technical… but not anymore!
Because this new method changes all of this.
Watch this new presentation now to learn more.
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Subject lines: (video) Super simple method lowers the cost of solar panels by 85%

If you’re like me and want an easy and cheap way to produce your own power at home, then you’re going to want to see this new video
Because an underground solar expert from Milwaukee, Wisconsin discovered a simple new way to lower the cost of getting solar panels by up to 85%…
He’s used this simple method 100s of times already …and as you’ll see …it’s incredibly effective.
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His discovery now allows absolutely anyone to use solar at home. And once you use this, it’s like having your own clean energy, power plant at home.
And here’s what else is great…
You don’t have to be an electrician, no maintenance is required, and it’s very easy to setup.
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Over 42,119 people have already taken advantage of this…
So, if you’re interested in producing your own clean energy (right in the comfort of your own backyard), then I recommend you watch this presentation now.
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Email 3:
Subject line:
1) Why you’re REALLY overpaying for power..
2) The Power Monopolies do NOT want you to see this video..

A brand new video just came out that you need to watch as soon as you can…
This video reveals why you are overpaying for power and what you can do this afternoon to significantly lower your energy bills!
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The simple trick they show you in this video can cut your electric bill starting this month (some people are even reporting savings of up to 75%)!
If you’re not technical… It does NOT matter! In fact, what the man in the video (Jeff Davis) shows you how to do is so easy to do, I think young kids can do!
But this video probably won’t be up for much longer because it reveals things that the power monopolies (and their buddies in Washington) don’t want YOU knowing and they will surely try to get this taken down…
So watch it while you still can.
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