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Manifestation Gods –

I think for the first time ever, I really understood how manifestations work. 

I have been studying LOA for many, many years by reading lots of books and listening to Abraham-Hicks seminars. 

That all felt very nice, but you need to know, not just hope or even believe, that what you are doing will get the results you seek. 

Thanks to Manifestation Gods, I now know how to do magic (it’s not magic – it’s our truth, we can all do it). I have already easily manifested several things (a real estate contract, drastic weather improvement, a national sports team win, my health improvement, etc.) 

I am getting more ambitious, and it’s all great fun. 

So, check it out, study it, apply what you learned, manifest all you want, and live happily ever after!

The fear you might have about money is simply an illusion.
And it’s important to let it go…

This is the first law of attraction and manifestation method I had encountered and I find the language simple and easy to understand.

I found other books to be riddled with riddles and challenging to digest.

These ‘5 pillars of plenty’ stress many points, including moving from one reality into another, changing your vibrational frequency to match the new reality. Infinite realities are already present.

This made so much sense and, to me meant making those subtle changes in my outlook, hobbies, etc, and doing more of the things I find enjoyable.

It’s a well-designed program. I felt inspired during and after listening to the audio.

I hope it works for you too:

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