Account Blown AGAIN? Open This to Stop Losses Dead!

If You Keep Blowing Up Accounts – I Have A Solution That Will Slash Your Losses By Up To 80%!

  Do you know what the hardest thing is that new traders face?

  It’s stupidly simple and I see it happen all the time  with people who are just getting started…

And unless you get a handle on it, it will obliterate your account, and your peace of mind.

What is it that ruins the careers of new traders?

Eliminating Losses From Your Trading

Look, I’ve been on the cutting edge of trading education for going on 15 years and I’ve seen just about everything anyone has ever cooked up to try to manipulate the markets and “get rich quick.”

It astonishes me some of the outright garbage new traders snap up because it promises easy cash.

And sometimes they even work, for a trade or two. I mean, a broken clock is still right twice a day…

What you need to remember is that every trader starts at the same place – knowing nothing about trading – and has the same odds of success or failure.

And the ONLY thing that reliable separates the successes from the failures is the ability to mitigate loss and risk.

Because you don’t know what you don’t know, and try to over trade or revenge trade to even up the score and catch up…

Which just leads to bigger losses and more stress.

It’s why most guys who start trading end up leaving the field with blown accounts and a chip on their shoulders the size of Mt. Rushmore.

So, if you’re a new trader, or a trader who is struggling to keep his account in the black and grow it, eliminating loss is your #1 job.

That’s why I want you to have a look at Russ Horn’s new Magnacon System…

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