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Do NOT post another Facebook status until you’ve read this job ad…
Seriously, why post on Facebook for free when you could receive money for it?
I’m talking about pocketing $35 an hour… $280 a day…
Just for posting Facebook statuses!
Go to the link below to see the job ad now.
Sure, you’ll need to post on Twitter and YouTube too, but I’m sure you can manage that.
They’re all the same really…
You upload the premade content (whether it’s a written post or a video), then… hit the upload button. It’s that simple!
And yet online companies generate so much money from social media advertising they’re willing to send some money your way to take the tasks of their hands.
So, does $35 an hour/$280 a day sound like a fair price for your time?
If so, then I recommend you grab this job before someone else beats you to it.
Click here to apply now.
Best wishes,

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