Activate your website immediately in 250+ different categories

This is a cloud-based software that allows you to instantly build money-making 
Movie sites that get free traffic and generate affiliate commission. 

100% Beginner Friendly – literally, pick a name for your site and have it built in seconds! No list, no paid traffic, no experience needed.

COMPLETE Done-For-You Money-Making Affiliate Instant movies and TV shows website that earn an affiliate commission.
A million movies and TV shows Listings – automatically updated and new ones are added EVERY HOUR!
No need for domain and hosting purchases.
Browse movies and TV shows by genre
Supports 130 iTunes store countries. 
Homepage popular movies scrolling carousel
Homepage featured movies
Homepage popular TV show seasons
Detailed movie and TV season pages
TMDb movie and TV star ratings
Movie and TV YouTube trailers
iTunes customer reviews section
Website edit with different options like social links, meta options, email, site title, and favicon
Article(Website Pages) option with add and delete content facility
Reviews display
Search by movie name or shows

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