A variety of IT startups and companies are the subject of in-depth research and analysis by Tech Respondents.

Since my knowledge only extends until January 2023, I am unable to provide real-time or the “top” blog postings. But I can recommend a few well-known blogs and websites that regularly post tutorials and articles about surveying and researching tech companies. To locate pertinent content, go to these websites and utilise their search functions:

Tech respondents frequently offers in-depth research and analysis on a range of IT startups and companies.
frequently publishes polls and research findings in addition to covering a broad variety of tech-related issues.
Blog: With regard to marketing and research, including survey methods, respondents blog offers insightful information.
Harvard Business Review: Research-based pieces about tech businesses and trends are frequently published.
Bahrku Blog: company provides advice and ideas on marketing and research on his blog.

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